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Smallville Episode 1 "Lazarus"Review By: Jason Albrecht

Smallville Episode 1 "Lazarus"Review By: Jason Albrecht Smallville is a comic lover’s embarrassment. I want to like it, and at times I do (very few and very far between). Last season had a few bright points ( Hawkman for one), but the season premiere let down every hope I had from the season finale. I have nothing good to say about it. Nothing. It had moments where it could have stopped being reserved and grabbed the bull by the reigns. Have Chloe become Dr. Fate . How cool would that have been? But it would have been too bold for Smallville. It’s the last season for Clark ’s sake. Give him the suit early and make us love him. Instead they decided that he needs to be taught another lesson, again. At least we saw this season’s villain: Darkseid (the impending darkness hinted at heavy handedly last season and throughout the first episode of this season). But seriously? He formed out of a moving cloud of smoke?? This isn’t Lost and that’s no smoke monster.

"The Event' Episode 2 “To Keep Us Safe” Review

"The Event' Episode 2 “To Keep Us Safe” Review By: Jason Albrecht Everything I felt the pilot lacked, the second episode delivered. My doubt was lifted, and I smiled while I watched. There was intensity. There was mystery. There were answers. The story moved forward as it bounced back and forth though time. It was good, damn good. It seems the imprisoned mysterious strangers were not alone; there were others of their kind that have now integrated with society, and they don’t all agree with their leader, Sophia. They may be E.T.’s. Not the Reese’s pieces eating long-necked kind, but the mostly human less than 1 percent genetic difference kind. Curious? “The Event” is showing the potential to be a great show. It isn’t my number one must see of the week yet, but it definitely will be a contender if it keeps improving week to week. Please Leave A Comment-

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse DVD Review By: Jason Albrecht

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse DVD Review By: Jason Albrecht Picking up where Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (SB:PE) left off, SB:A is much more interesting then it’s predecessor SB:PE . Unlike in SB:PE, the heroes actually face forces that put them in peril. It’s fun! Lots of action! Some great choreographed fight scenes! Some kick down brawls that leave devastation in their wake!! The voice acting is almost spot on. The Trinity of DC heroes are voiced by veterans of the characters: Kevin Conroy reprises his role as the Dark Knight like he did so well throughout Batman The Animated Series (B:TAS) and Justice League incarnations. Tim Daly is back as Superman as he was during Superman the Animated Series (S:TAS). Susan Eisenberg is Wonder Woman as she was during Justice League and JLU! You also have Summer Glau as Kara/Supergirl and Ed Asner as Granny Goodness (which he nails every time he plays her!). Where they failed (and it really disappointed me) in the casting was Darkseid

"The Event" Episode 1 Review By:Jason Albrecht

"The Event" Episode 1 Review By:Jason Albrecht Over here at SandwichJohnfilms we are going to start expanding into the world of Television and start to do reviews on a few shows that we find interesting and worth watching. And some that aren't. I want to welcome Jason Albrecht to the Sandwich team. Here at SandwichJohnFilms no one gets payed or works for money, they do it because they have a passion for Movies, Television and Pop Culture. And I want to welcome him on board. Jason will be reviewing Television's for us on a weekly basis. These are shows that he has been watching for years and new shows that just started. Jason first review is of the highly anticipated NBC show The Event . Please Note-Spolier Alert I want to like this show. A lot. There is a void in my TV watching where Lost once stood. Granted Lost kind of lost it in the middle, but it picked back up and finished strong. I thought Flash Forward would take over this season, but it was canceled