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Soundtrack Review: #Brooklyn

The beautiful score for Brooklyn perfectly matches the film's delicate charm. Review by Matt Cummings Music isn't the only thing ingredient to making a good film, but it's an important element in crafting its tone. Composer Michael Brook's score for Brooklyn does just that, taking us to far away places and times that while strengthening the film's chances for a Best Picture nomination. Told through the eyes of Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan), Brooklyn tells of a young Irish immigrant navigating her way through 1950's New York. After a difficult voyage and period of adjustment, Ellis is swept up in a relationship with a working Italian (Emory Cohen), who instantly falls in love with Ellis' sweet charm. But when her new life is disrupted by tragic news from home, Ellis returns to find that she might not be so ready to leave. Composer Michael Brook grants us with a glimpse into Ellis' world in different ways, from the playful Seasick to t

Marvel Collector Corps Review: December 2015

Marvel Collector Corps attains top sub box status with its GUARDIANS theme. Review by Matt Cummings The subscription box industry is an inconsistent mess, propped up by an amazing reveal one month, then a disaster the next (see our Geek Fuel lamentations HERE and HERE ). The problem seems to be QUALITY and TIMING, with Fuel offering cheap Christmas goods that had very little to do with Star Wars , which is what every December box should be doing. Their November box was also a letdown, filled with slightly more interesting items, but nowhere near their spectacular September submission. While we haven't yet seen Loot Crate's offering, we're worried about the effect that this whipsaw is having on geek lovers everywhere. Why buy a 'mystery box' when it's clear that sometimes these providers are merely robbing Hot Topic and Spencer's of its marked-down merch? As the answers continue to vex us, one box has made quality and timing its #1 goals: Ma

#InsidetheBucket Podcast #84

This week's episode of Inside the Bucket is online! Revel in the digital mastery! The Force is with us, as Inside the Bucket leaps into hyperspace to bring you all this week's juiciest movie and television news and reviews from our website SANDWICHJOHNFILMS.COM . Matt is joined by SandwichJohn and Brandon, just a few hours after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Before getting into a detailed review of the most anticipated film of the year, the boys start the show with all the style of a bull and full of greasy attitude, as they discuss this week's hottest TV and movie news. They review several key bits including the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond and character posters for the upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters. They also discuss what will be a historic box office weekend, with Star Wars breaking every record including people peeing in their pants as they wait in lines outside to get in. The boys also discuss movies and television shows hitting Blu-

#GeekFuel Review: December 2015

December's Geek Fuel hits the Christmas skids, making us second-guess our commitment. Review by Matt Cummings After a somewhat disappointing November , we were ready for a Star Wars celebration, Geek Fuel style. The subscription box service was 1-for-2, having delivered an exceptional October . But as we soon realized, Fuel has a lot of explaining to do about its December contents, and we probably don't want to know the answers. Before diving in, let's review the details: The cost for a Month to Month is $17.90, $16.90/month for a 3-month subscription, $15.90/month for a 6-month tour and just $13.90/month for a one-year subscription. Shipping $6.00 to the US, Canada, and at least a few other countries. Our first thought is to blast every part of this disaster, but we'll let the pictures do the talking. Again, consider QUALITY and TIMING as you view the following. We'll end our review with some additional thoughts:

#GeekFuel Review: November 2015

November's Geek Fuel box feels a bit like meh. Review by Matt Cummings Subscription boxes are a tricky gamble these days. One month, a box soars to greatness (see Loot Crate's October box) only to hit frustrating lows the month before . The problem isn't always connection with what fans want, but the quality of the items inside. We can accept a well-crafted box with nothing we particularly like, but only if it contains quality and value that can allow us to either flip or give it to someone else without feeling like ghetto in doing so. This month's Geek Fuel box feels a bit like this, as if someone just wasn't on their geek game. Before diving in, let's review the details: The cost for a Month to Month is $17.90, $16.90/month for a 3-month subscription, $15.90/month for a 6-month tour and just $13.90/month for a one-year subscription. Shipping $6.00 to the US, Canada, and at least a few other countries. Rather than spend time taking the thing