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Survey: Consumers Now Prefer Streaming vs Live TV

What do the survey's results mean for the future of television? Story by Matt Cummings Ours is a world driven by technology. From smart devices to web apps, technology has affected the way we live every minute of our lives. And according to a new survey, it's affecting the way people consume entertainment. According to The Deloitte Digital Democracy Survey , US consumers are now more willing to watch streaming entertainment than tune in to it via live TV. The ninth annual results were published by the consulting firm Deloitte, who sampled 2,076 US consumers from Nov. 3-19, 2014. Here is just some of the landmark data: Services such as Netflix, who now have subscribers in approximately 42% of American households, have overtaken live television as the most preferred way to watch programming. More people now stream movies (56%) and television (53%), eclipsing those who still prefer to watch live television (45%). Consumers 14-25 - dubbed the "Trailing Mil