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LAMB Review 'Weirdly Special Movie'

#LootCrate Review: July 2015

Can Loot Crate keep up its successful run with July 2015's Heroes2? Read on to find out! Review by Matt Cummings The subscription box Loot Crate has amassed a stellar run recently, having delivered exceptional boxes in March , April , May , and June . But potential problems threaten subscriber support, as the company tries a new upgrade plan that could see their mainstay - the shirt - available only in higher-priced boxes. And while I like July's theme of HEROES 2, the lack of a shirt is a lingering concern. We've noticed that USPS and other carriers are doing a better job delivering the boxes, as this one is missing the usual dents and scratches that plagued earlier deliveries. Upon cracking the case, we see a neat Batman figure but no t-shirt, a real bummer but one almost made up by what looks like a sweet Batman figure. Last month's Tron-inspired Optimus Prime was perhaps one of its best ever, and I was hoping this month for a worthy opponent. Its