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New Episodes Of Behind the Attraction COMING AUGUST 25 on Disney +

Disney+ announced today that five new episodes for the original series “ Behind the Attraction ,” executive produced by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia from Seven Bucks Productions, and Brian Volk-Weiss from The Nacelle Company, will start streaming on Wednesday, August 25. These additional episodes will center on the following attractions: “The Castles,” “Disneyland Hotel,” “it’s a small world,” “Trains, Trams, and Monorails,” and “Hall of Presidents.”   “ The Castles ” - Castles are at the heart of Disney Parks around the world. The original at Disneyland® Resort in California quickly became a symbol of The Walt Disney Company on par with Mickey Mouse. Hear the unique story behind each one and learn how Imagineers designed and built them.  “ Disneyland Hotel ” - Disneyland® Resort with no hotel — what?! It almost happened. Check in to see how Walt got it built.   “ it's a small world ” - It all began at the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair! If a chance encounter betwe