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'Star Wars' Comics Now Available Through Marvel Unlimied

The online subscription adds a galaxy far, far away. Story by Matt Cummings For years, the only way to determine if you liked a comic book was to actually go to your local story, peruse the selection, and perhaps read a few pages. Some shops, wary of people reading for free, found it difficult to help potential readers with selections without encouraging them to visit on the shops' dime. The same goes with classic comics: those editions were long-since retired and are only available in Trade Paperback or Hardcover editions. Therefore, choosing a line was a roll of the dice. In 2007, Marvel Comics tried to solve that problem by creating an online subscription service called Marvel Unlimited. Their mission was to solve the conundrum that both subscribers and dealers were experiencing by placing a large amount of their classic issues online. The deal was simple: choose any comic(s) in their digital library, read it on your computer, and keep it and any others they

Marvel's Comic Plans to Affect The Movies?

Read on to learn how Marvel's announcements mean bigger changes to the Cinematic Universe. This week's news of major changes within Marvel Comics are potentially bigger than those when the company relauched its comic series under the new banner Marvel Now! nearly two years ago. At that time, the shifting of writers, the introduction of new lines, and the re-positioning of characters like Rocket Raccoon and The Guardians of the Galaxy made their introduction into the Cinematic Universe possible. But as news this week of shake-ups for Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man were slowly rolled out on various television talk shows, two things became very apparent. Before getting into that, let's look at the changes themselves. On Monday, Marvel announced that Thor was losing his ability to wield Mjolnir, and that his power was being transferred to a woman. On Wednesday, The Colbert Report announced that Captain America will soon be replaced by The Falcon, as America&

Justice League & Transformers Crossover That Could Have Been

File this one under "Please Don't Let It Die." Comic artist Phil Jimenez pitched an epic idea of joining the ranked realms of Superman and Batman with the Autobots and Decepticons . But it was killed in committee. Here's why ... The tricky world of corporate licensing is the prime reason this dream project won't see any starlight. DC Comics passed on the recent crossover pitch, no doubt due to legal wrangling with IDW Publishing, which owns the Transformers comic license, Hasbro, which owns the master license, and their mega marketing partner Marvel. Any way you slice it, the mere sight of a titanic, rampaging Bat-former, Optimus Prime sporting a Green Lantern ring or Megatron waving a torn Superman cape makes us misty. "Oh, what an epic that would have been," wrote Jimenez on Twitter . "You missed out on Wonder Woman's invisible jet becoming a very cool Transformer." Please Leave A Comment- Source- Blastr Via CBM

Tomorrow, Our Heroes Will Be Digital By Jonathan Cyfer

Tomorrow, Our Heroes Will Be Digital By Jonathan Cyfer I've just read several announcements such as DC Comics Brings Batman and Pals to iPad, PSP , saying that our superhero comic books have now gone digital. In addition to, DC has issued it's own press release on this monumental event. With the launching of Kindle by Amazon some time ago, there was a collective groan among bibliophiles that the hard copy text book was dying and only the digital incarnation would remain. Now it seems this is happening in the comic book world as well. You can already access comic books online such as the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited collection. Free samples are even available from a wide span of Marvel comic history spanning the 1940s to the present. I find myself wondering how high the value of older hard copy comic books will be when they are no longer produced. But what does this have to do with films? Nothing and everything. It's widely believed that the modern comi