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Project X Is In the Works And It Doesn't Star A Monkey

Project X Is In the Works And It Doesn't Star A Monkey Don't be confused with the 1987 movie with the same title that starred a Monkey and Matthew Broderick, this is not a reboot of that film. Project X has got tongues wagging in Hollywood. Warner Bros, Todd Phillips and Joel Silver are mobilizing a raunchy comedy with a $12 million budget, a hard R-rating, under that working title. British video/commercials director Nima Nourizadeh will be making his feature directing debut, and Phillips will be the producer and creative godfather. There are several unusual facets to this film. First, when was the last time Warner Bros spent as low as $12 million on a movie? Second, the real title and the concept are being kept secret--all I can get is that it's an outrageous high concept--and the filmmakers won't be distributing full scripts, only watermarked pages to prospective college-aged cast. But the most intriguing part is that the filmmakers are intent that every actor c