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Wonder Woman 1984 Poster & No Comic-Con Presence This Year

In a somewhat surprising move, Warner Bros. has announced that the studio will be skipping the San Diego Comic-Con's popular Hall H presentation schedule, favoring its own focus on films such as I t: Chapter Two away from the convention center. But what of convention-nip including Wonder Woman 1984 ? That is continuing its campaign via social media, with a new poster online. Gal Gadot 's Diana Prince goes for gold with the new image, with a vibrant, Day-Glo, '80s-appropriate background and her typically determined look. As for the film, most of the story is under wraps, though we do know that it'll catch up with the titular heroine in the 1980s, when she faces new challenges, particularly from the powerful Cheetah ( Kristen Wiig ). And there will also be the return of Chris Pine 's Steve Trevor, who seemingly died at the end of the 2017 original. Pedro Pascal is also part of the cast, with Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen returning as Antiope and Hippolyta