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True Blood Season 3 On It's Way Recap Time

True Blood Season 3 On It's Way Recap Time The new season of True Blood is only a few months away and so get ready for a quick recap of season two and hold on tight for the new season. How far off will the third season be from Book Three 'Club Dead' by Charlaine Harris? Will Michael Papajohn be getting a beefier role? And how will newcomer Dawn Olivieri (Heroes) affect the cast? The third season of HBO’s True Blood airs in June 2010 and as always, HBO is keeping details tightly under wraps. The frenzy of True Blood mania however is as crazy as ever and fans and websites galore are offering personal thoughts and insider tips. Are they fact, fiction or just plain old wishful thinking? While only HBO truly knows what will come to pass, perhaps some scenarios are more likely than others. True Blood Season Two Brief Conclusion The conclusion of season two saw Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes), defeated by shape shifter Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), who turned into a bull and