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Trailer For Anthony Bourdain's Bone In The Throat

Watch the trailer for Anthony Bourdain's culinary mystery, Bone in the Throat . Those at SXSW will be the first to taste Anthony Bourdain’s culinary mystery, Bone In The Throat, when it premieres Saturday at the Alamo Ritz. But the rest of us can get a small bite now with the trailer. The film follows a young ambitious chef who finds himself stuck as a witness to a murder in his own kitchen. His uncle pulls him into the East End London mob and expects him to join the family business. He will have to work quickly to undo his uncle’s mess, while keeping himself alive and out of jail. The film was written by Graham Henman and Mark Townend and directed by Henman. It is executive produced by Bourdain, Ron Perlman, and Jamie Donaldson, and produced by Lenny Beckerman, Maggie Monteith, and Nick Thurlow. Please Leave A Comment - Source- EW

Leonardo Di Caprio As J. Edgar Images

We have the first images of Leonardo Di Caprio as J. Edgar . The 36-year-old actor filmed scenes for the Clint Eastwood -directed flick, which also stars The Social Network’s Armie Hammer (Clyde Tolson), Ed Westwick (Agent Smith), Judi Dench, Naomi Watts (Helen Gandy), Ken Howard (U.S. attorney General Harlan F. Stone), Damon Herriman (Bruno Hauptmann) and Josh Lucas (Charles Lindbergh). And don't forget to read my Exclusive interview with Damon Herriman and Clint Eastwood . Armie, who plays J. Edgar Hoover’s number two man at the FBI and rumored secret lover, recently dished that he won’t just be smooching Leo on-screen once. “It’s not a kissing scene - it’s a ton of kissing scenes,” Please Leave A Comment- Source- Justjared