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Is Channing Tatum Joining Splash Remake?

Back in June, Brian Grazer told the world that he was still working on a new version of classic Tom Hanks/Daryl Hannah comedy Splash , but with a twist. Disney is now developing the idea, with Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell in the lead roles. According to Deadline, the twist is that Tatum will be the sleek aquatic creature and Bell as the everywoman from the land who falls for him. Bell, who worked with Tatum in 22 Jump Street and has several writing/producing credits to her name, reportedly developed the idea into a pitch and Disney took the bait. Grazer and Imagine partner Ron Howard (who directed the original) are on as producers, with Marja-Lewis Ryan writing the script. It's still in the early stages at the moment, and could yet change, but the gender-swap sounds might work to make the reboot feel a little fresher, and was actually part of a script that Imagine bought that featured the Merman's point of view... Please Leave A Comment- Source- Empire

Splash Reboot In The Works

You might have read our recent interview with Daryl Hannah , which touched on her experiences making 1984 Tom Hanks comedy Splash . Now Brian Grazer , who produced the original, says he's pressing ahead with a remake. A potential follow-up, be it in sequel form or remake, has been floating around for years, though nothing has risen to the surface. But asked in a recent CNBC interview about who he'd cast if he made Splash today, Grazer demurred, revealing that he's actually working on a new version. The 1984 film was a literal fish-out-of-water comedy, which saw Hannah's mermaid fall for human Hanks in New York. Grazer wouldn't be pressed on real details for the new development, but did say the following: “We’re going to do a version of that, but I can’t tell you the twist." You can see the full interview here. Back in the day, there was an original treatment for the film known as Wet, which focused more on the mermaid's point of view. And Grazer

80's & 90's Stars Singing "Let It Be"

So Wrong It's Right This has to be one of the weirdest videos I have ever seen. So bad that I should turn it off but you want to see who will be turning up next. Its a music video promoting a Norwegian show called Golden Times . Stars from the 80's and 90's appear. Just a werid mix of people from Roger Moore, Jason Alexander, Dolph Lundgren, Kelly McGillis (didn't age well at all) and many more. Make sure you watch it all the way threw to see all the stars. Just to funny. They all have a part in singing the classic Beatles song " Let it Be ." Watch the video and check out the list of stars after the Jump.. See if you can name all the stars. Roger Moore Huey Lewis Jason Alexander Ricki Lake Josie Biesett Alberto Tomba John Nettles George Wendt Paul Mackenna Philip Michael Thomas Glenn Close Gorden Kaye Pamela Anderson Leslie Nielsen Dolph Lundgren Kelly McGillis Sherilyn Fenn Daryl Hannah Lou Ferrigno Please Leave A Comment- Via