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TV Review: Marvel’s Agent Carter “Time and Tide”

Heroes Get Fleshed Out as Marvel Series Keeps Swinging Marvel’s Agent Carter “Time and Tide” Review by Brandon Wolfe Where last week’s two-hour premiere was packed to the gills with series-establishing exposition, Agent Carter slows its roll this week, taking a breath and allowing us to get to know our protagonists and the situations they occupy. Though she has had a firm place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for going on four years now, Peggy Carter is still a character we aren’t intimately acquainted with. Her role in Captain America: The First Avenger was fairly thin. She was little more than a tough-bird love interest to Steve Rogers, even if Hayley Atwell’s performance was richer than what was on the page. That film also skirted the plight inherent to a woman of that era working in such an overwhelmingly male-dominated field. Carter had an inordinate amount of agency in the film, rubbing elbows with government and military bigwigs without being met with any documented