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Blue Bloods S05E16 Recap: In The Box

Someone Faces A Life Threatening Situation. Find Out Who! Story By David Clark Police stations are usually considered one of the safest places a person can be, but Blue Bloods turns that concept upside down on this week's episode titled In The Box. In an episode that could have been inspired by the movie Phone Booth; the majority of the episode follows a life threatening hostage situation involving Danny and Baez. Meanwhile Frank and Jamie face issues of their own as Jamie combats a poor communities fear of police and Frank tries to find a line between being a friend, mentor, and commissioner. This episode guest stars Dominic Fumusa as Anthony Drake and Jessica Blank as Heather Drake. Recap: Danny and Baez open the episode serving a soon-to-be divorced man (Anthony Drake) with a restraining order. Desperate to retain custody of his daughter Anthony pulls a gun on Baez inside of the police precinct. This is no John Q. situation; this man is a troubled alcoholic and