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I Challenge You To Help The Red Cross For Japan's Earthquake And Pacific Tsunami Relief

Here are two paragraphs from this Yahoo news story : The quake was nearly 8,000 times stronger than one that struck New Zealand late last month, devastating the city of Christchurch. “The energy radiated by this quake is nearly equal to one month’s worth of energy consumption” in the United States, U.S. Geological Survey Scientist Brian Atwater told The Associated Press. All of the news and social networking outlets are flooded with information about the magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan. A significant part of my twitter community is involved in comic book, TV, entertainment websites and movie superheroes. It's almost too easy to imagine Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman racing to Japan to put out oil refinery fires, stabilize "at risk" nuclear reactors, and evacuate the thousands of injured victims. This tragedy hits home with me the most. My mother is 100% Japanese born and raised, and so am I . We have many family relatives living in Japan and as we spea