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Muppets Most Wanted Review: Typical Muppet Zaniness Equals Awesome For Us.

Muppets Most Wanted Review By: Matt Cummings The sequel Muppets Most Wanted is typical Muppets zaniness, and that's awesome for us. Among the most pleasant surprises of 2011 was the return of Jim Henson's Muppets in The Muppets . An emotional reunion filled with all the classic Muppet ingredients - memorable songs and zany comedy - it made a huge splash among old and new fans alike. Whether that winning formula could be repeated in a sequel has been the subject of debate among those who lovingly grew up with Sesame Street and later The Muppet Show , but who also worried that Disney might not give it the free reign it deserved. Luckily, Muppets Most Wanted recaptures that magic in many ways, but forgivingly misses in a few others. As the curtain literally draws on the last Muppets movie, the team realizes that their newly-rediscovered stardom is not as great as they thought. Feeling a bit desperate for direction, they hire the sneaky agent Dominic Badguy