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Marvel Launches Television Department

Marvel Launches Television Department Having becoming a feature film force, spawning blockbuster franchises such as "Spider-Man" and "Iron Man," Marvel Entertainment is setting its sights on television. The comic book company is encroaching even further into Hollywood, with the launch of its newly created small screen division. The television wing will be overseen by Jeph Loeb , the Emmy-nominated writer of NBC's recently canceled "Heroes," the company announced on Monday. As executive vice president, head of television, Loeb will work to translate Marvel’s characters and stories to television in both live-action and animation form. In addition, Loeb will oversee the development and distribution of live-action, animated and direct-to-DVD series. Loeb also has extensive experience on the pen and ink side of comics, winning an Eisner-award for his work with Marvel and writing such popular characters as Captain America and Batman. Not only was

Schwarzenegger's Commando To Get Remade

Schwarzenegger's Commando To Get Remade  This film started the whole thing for me. My first real big crush on Alyssa Milano and this is part of the history of my website name. In the begining of the film Alyssa makes a sandwich for her father played by Arnold Schwarzenegger (The you don't want to know sandwich) and somehow (Rando)  turned into a part of my name for the website. Well one part... Deadline reports Fox is developing a remake of Commando, the 1985 shoot-first-ask-questions-later action movie which followed a retired elite special forces op whose daughter is kidnapped and threatened unless he gets on a plane and kills the rival of a nasty dictator. David Ayer, who wrote Training Day and directed Street Kings, is both writing and directing this. Ayer, a former Navy soldier himself, is putting a real-world spin on the original premise (oh come on, it was cheesy 80's action!) by making the protagonist less of a "meat head" and more skilled in covert