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National Treasure 3 Is Going To Happen

National Treasure 3 Is Going To Happen We got word from the good guy's over at comingsoon that there will be a third National Treasure film. Well why not with the success of the first two movies ($800m worldwide box office receipts ) Jerry Bruckheimer is keen to go, Nicolas Cage presumably likewise, and they have discovered that Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro are at work, right now, on the script. Bernard and Miro both wrote Prince of Persia and The Sorceror's Apprentice Which stars Cage and directed by John Turteltaub, who made both National Treasure films. We haven't gotten any word yet if the original cast would be making a return, which I think that they would. With a family atmosphere and a decent payday might suggest the odds are on "yes". Please Leave A Comment- Source- comingsoon