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Pierre Morel Talks Dune

Pierre Morel Talks Dune Pierre Morel began a career as cinematographer for such films as "The Transporter" and "War",and then he worked his way to the directors chair in 2004 with his first film "District 13" , which was followed by the surprise hit "Taken" starring Liam Neeson and his upcoming film " From Paris with Love " Starring John Travolta Now comes the hard part adapting Frank Herbert's novel "Dune" for the movie screens. A few have tried their hand at the film. (David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky) Can you talk a bit about your upcoming adaptation of Dune? I'm preparing for a long trek in the dunes... We're going to start writing in a couple weeks. It's very early [in the] process. Do you plan to infuse it with some action? I don't know. It's all about—I'm a huge Dune fan, a reader, like for 30 years; I read it when I was a teenager. I've read it 10 times maybe, so I want to