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#THEFLASH All-Star Team Trailer

CW unleash this new all-star team trailer that suggests things are about to go down with Harrison Wells and the dark truth surrounding him, the trailer also suggests Felicity and Ray Palmer’s The Atom helping Barry. Please Leave A Comment-

'The Flash' Reveals Reverse-Flash Image

Tom Cavanagh raises the stakes in this promo image. Story by Matt Cummings Although CW's The Flash is on a Spring hiatus, fans have been treated to news aplenty, inclduing a spinoff . But the first-season story of the Scarlet Speedster isn't quite done, as fans await the final episodes, which will most likely deal with Barry Allen’s pursuit of time travel technology. As you know, this is the only way that his mother - who was killed in the opening episode - might be rescued. Standing in the way of that is Flash's nemesis Reverse-Flash, played by Tom Cavanagh , who also plays Barry's mentor Dr. Harrison Wells. This relationship is about to get a severe test, as recent trailers show that Reverse Flash announces his appearance to none other than his own Star Labs staff. How this will affect Allen and TeamFlash is yet to be determined, but today we took one step closer to seeing the epic battle play out. CW has released a nearly full-body image of Revers