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#IRRATIONALMAN On Digital HD January 5th & Blu-ray & DVD January 12th

Written & Directed by Woody Allen. IRRATIONAL MAN Starring Jamie Blackley, Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey and Emma Stone will be available on Digital HD January 5. Blu-ray™ & DVD January 12 Special Features Include On the Red Carpet: Los Angeles Film Premiere and Photo Gallery Woody Allen’s IRRATIONAL MAN will arrive on Digital HD January 5 and Blu-ray™ and DVD January 12 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. This Sony Pictures Classics comedy-drama stars Joaquin Phoenix (Her) as Abe Lucas, a tormented new college philosophy professor, on a journey to find meaning in life. When he and his favorite student Jill Pollard, played by Emma Stone (Birdman: Or [The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance]), mistakenly overhear a stranger’s conversation, a chain of events is unleashed that permanently affect him and those around him. Rounding out the stellar ensemble cast are Jamie Blackley (If I Stay) and Parker Posey (The House of Yes), playing Jill’s boyfriend and one of the schoo

Movie Review: #IrrationalMan

The newest Woody Allen dramedy arrives decidedly DOA. Review by Matt Cummings In Writer/Director Woody Allen's Irrational Man , the college professor Abe (Joaquin Phoenix) is a lost soul whose sexual conquests have led him from one college to another. As a philosophy teacher, he's started to drink his own Kool Aid, ruminating about the meaninglessness of life and whether he should be a part of it anymore. Not even a new love interest in the form of one of his students (Emma Stone) can keep him from playing Russian Roulette at a college party. But when a chance to even life's odds arrives in a murder plot against a judge, Abe embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will see him and Jill wrestling with the biggest moral questions imaginable. If that sounds like it could be a good time, believe me it's not. Irrational Man is boring from the moment it arrives with Allen's trademark dull opening title cards. It never rises to a boil, even as Abe

If I Stay Review: Typical YA Fare Lacks Emotional Punch

Although well-intentioned, If I Stay is yet another hollow YA cryfest. This has been the Summer of YA and the results have been meh - from Divergent to The Fault in Our Stars , 2014 has tried its best to bring in the teenagers, all while adults roll their eyes at the melodrama. If I Stay follows the same tired themes of teenage love mixed with tragedy, and the result is only slightly better than other submissions. Cellist Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) has a natural talent: given the instrument as an infant, her talents have grown quickly. Yet her social life is one of missed opportunities and long hours practicing, until she and rocker Adam (Jamie Blackley) kindle an unlikely love affair. What Adam doesn't know is that Mia has applied to Julliard, which will take her far away from her Portland roots; Adam's band is gaining notoriety, and soon the two realize their time is limited. Everything comes to a tragic halt when Mia's parents (Mireille Enos and Joshua Le

Woody Allen Casts Two More to Star in His Latest Film

See who the director has hired to star in his next film. Woody Allen added to the cast of his latest film, which is currently shooting in Rhode Island. Starring alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are Parker Posey ( BROKEN ENGLISH ) and Jamie Blackley ( SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN ). The untitled Gravier Productions film is produced by Allen’s longtime associates, Letty Aronson and Stephen Tenenbaum. Allen’s upcoming film, MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT , was shot in the south of France last year and will be released on July 25, 2014 by Sony Pictures Classics.