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#StarWarsSmugglersBounty Review: January 2017

January's Star Wars/Funko Smuggler's Bounty sub box strikes a win with this month's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK! Review by Matt Cummings As 2016 ended on the Star Wars/Funko alliance known as Smuggler's Bounty, it was clear the sub box line had learned some big lessons, mixing heavy disappointments with stellar submissions. Even with an awesome November, we were curious to see if January would make it 2-for-2, or whether the line was in for a turbulent 2017. I can happily report that January's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK theme is filled with a very good wearable, a nice plushie, and one of the best Pop! figures we've ever seen. Before diving in, let's review the details: The cost for a Month to Month is $25 (plus S/H), or $150 (plus S/H) for a one-year subscription. You get one box every other month, with SB promising $50 in value and no fluff. If you choose the Smuggler membership (yearly), you are promised an additional gift on your anniversary.

#LootCrate Review: January 2016

Will Loot Crate's January INVASION box keep us around for 2016? Read our review to find out! Review by Matt Cummings With the subscription box war teaching valuable lessons in 2015 - that QUALITY and TIMING are the keys to a happy geek - only Marvel Collector Corps and Smuggler's Bounty emerged as consistent candidates for our monthly donation. And while January's Loot Crate has delivered an interesting diversity of geek-related sundries, read on to learn why we cancelled our subscription. Before we get into the details, let's review Loot's promise: a $22 subscription should yield more in value than the cost. Also, year-long steadfasts receive some sort of special gift, a promise we just couldn't keep. A decently-sized box, more in line with previous Loot Crate submissions. At least Loot heard the complaints from subscribers about the lack of a shirt. A second month with one included is a good sign. Looks like some sort of...wait for