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Sony Narrows Down List of Spider-Man Contenders

Five young actors caught in casting web. By Brandon Wolfe Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have reportedly narrowed down a shortlist of potential actors to slip into the red onesie as the latest incarnation of Spider-Man . The contenders include Nat Wolff ( The Fault in Our Stars ), Asa Butterfield ( Ender’s Game ), Tom Holland ( The Impossible ), Timothee Chalamet ( Interstellar ) and Liam James ( The Way, Way Back ), according to The Wrap . Sony is set to make test offers next week and are expected to select a winner in the next few weeks. While none of these five actors yet have test offers, sources have confirmed they are definitely in contention for the part. The character, who recently became available to Marvel in an unprecedented joint-custody agreement with Sony, is expected to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with next year’s Captain America: Civil War , which begins shooting in June. If the casting timetable plays out as expected, a new Spidey sho

13 Movies From 2013 Worth Another Look

We look back at 13 under-appreciated films from the previous year that are worth a second look. Having passed the halfway point of the 2014 movie season, we began to think back on the 2013 movie season and were amazed that many of our Top 30 films didn't exactly hit homeruns with audiences. Rather than blame ourselves for being so wrong, we've sought to bring these back into the consciousness by highlighting them below. Given time away from them, some titles can take on new life, far exceeding their lackluster box office results. Luckily, the home market is more vibrant than ever, and with services like Netflix always adding new content from 2013, it's easier than ever to catch these little gems. In that spirit, we present 13 movies from 2013 that deserve another look. To be clear: these are films which rank 40 or lower according to BoxOfficeMojo's 2013 box office results, and were released before the end of the year. They can also be films that were critic