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Splitting Heroes Down the Middle By: Jonathan Cyfer

Splitting Heroes Down the Middle By: Jonathan Cyfer  It's not completely unheard of to have a particular character appear both in a TV series and in films. After all, Clark Kent has enjoyed a robust lifetime on the silver screen and in the Smallville TV series. 2012 will bring us the latest Superman film , but it's presumed that the Smallville series will end after the conclusion of the current 2010/2011 season. This avoids confusion among the fans between the different incarnations and storylines involving the same character, however that isn't going to be the case with all superhero franchises. I'm sure you're all aware of the latest Incredible Hulk (2008) film and the fact that this character (with a change of actors playing Bruce Banner ) will be appearing in the upcoming Avengers (2012) film. I just found out that a new, live action Incredible Hulk TV show is being developed for ABC. Many Hulk fans fondly remember the Hulk TV series (1978-1982) sta

Smallville And The Rebirth of Superman By Jonathan Cyfer

Smallville And The Rebirth of Superman By Jonathan Cyfer As just about all the superhero loving world knows, this coming Season of Smallville will be the last season. Depending on your level of Smallville "fanhood", your response to this news probably ranges from some minor sadness to virtually suicidal depression. The silver lining in the cloud of Kryptonite is that Chris Nolan ( The Dark Knight ) is at the helm of the Superman reboot film: Superman: The Man of Steel . So Smallville will end in Spring 2011 and the new Superman film will be released the following year. This begs the question of just how connected the two projects are. If you've watched the Smallville series and the Christopher Reeve Superman films, you know that a lot of the elements from the films made their way into the Smallville mythos. For instance, crystals seem to play an important role, and the Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic continues to ring with the voice of Jor-El. There's still