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The Interview to Debut on Netflix...Soon

Does its release on Netflix change anything for Sony Pictures? Story by Matt Cummings Perhaps the most significant entertainment story of 2014 was one of its last: the decision by Sony Pictures to cancel the release of the comedy The Interview . This sparked a wave of controversy that hit social media like a 50' wave of guffaws and stunned reactions from people like Director Michael Moore to Actor Patton Oswalt. And although the film eventually saw theatrical release and did well in the VOD market, no one expected to see it on Netflix for at least a couple of months. That changed today when Variety and other outlets today reported that Netflix had agreed to stream the film with Seth Rogen and James Franco beginning January 24th. Sure, it's already made about $6m (at the time of this posting) from 581 theatrical locations, but its VOD went off the scale to the tune of $40m. The Netflix news answers one question: would Sony seek a Netflix release, just to squeeze