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The Most Disappointing Movies Of 2012

This year – perhaps more than any other in film history – has given us some of the best and most disappointing/terrible films of all time. Perhaps it's the media machine that seems to make every movie look like the second coming of Jesus, or Moses, or William Shatner. Those lofty expectations certainly held up with The Avengers; but there were also a healthy share of films that left us unfulfilled, like my oft-used prom queen analogy, who fails to put out after a night of courting and outright begging for something magical to occur. Maybe you liked Prometheus even after a preview that looked so amazing. That's fair. No matter where you stand, here's SJF's most disappointing releases – because we love to rub Hollywood's screw ups in their faces. Just so we're clear, the word ' disappointing ' refers to: Films that were highly anticipated, either for their casting/director or because the previews suggested a much better film than we actually got

Warner Bros. Television Comic-Con Line-Up

Warner Bros. Television Bringing Amazing Line-Up To Comic-Con Warner Bros. Television has announced there line-up for Comic-Con 2010, and I am excited for all their upcoming events. Warner Bros. Television was the first major outlet to give this Sandwich a shot and invited me to cover their Television shows at Wonder Con this year and I am hoping that I get an invite to cover their shows at Comic-Con this year. This is going to be Warner Bros. Television Biggest year yet, they are bringing a record of 14 television series to Comic-Con. Stars and Producers of “ The Big Bang Theory ,” “ Chuck ,” “ Fringe ,” “ Human Target ,” “ Nikita ,” “ Smallville ,” “ Supernatural ,” “ V ,” “ The Vampire Diaries ,” “ Childrens Hospital ,” “ Unnatural History ,” “ Batman: The Brave and the Bold ,” “ MAD ” and “ Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated ” to Appear One of the highlights for Comic-Con is the massive WB booth , which can not be missed on the main floor. Threw out the day they hand out the