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Taylor Lautner To Star In "Incarceron"

Taylor Lautner Going To Jail Twilight Saga's Taylor Lautner has become attached to star in Incarceron , the Fox 2000 adaptation of the Catherine Fisher young adult novel. The film is being written by Adam Cooper & Bill Collage, who are among the writers behind the Brett Ratner-directed Universal comedy Tower Heist, and who are writing Moby Dick for Timur Bekmambetov and Moses for Fox and Peter Chernin. Lautner will play Finn , who has lived his entire life on Incarceron, a savage, futuristic prison society. He meets the daughter of the warden, who is trapped in her own prison, a futuristic world constructed beautifully to look like the 17th Century. She knows nothing of Incarceron except that it exists. She and Finn simultaneously find a crystal key that allows them to communicate and hatch an escape plan for Finn. The film will be produced by John Palermo and Lautner is likely to become involved as a producer as well. Aside from the final two Twilight Saga films being