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Apple's "See" Season 2 Teaser Trailer Starring Jason Momoa & Dave Bautista

Knight Rider Digital Series To Be Produced By Justin Lin

Knight Rider holds a special place in the heart of those of us who grew up in the 1980s. It may not exactly have dated well, but we still love it. Now director Justin Lin , a man who has apparently not met a car-centric franchise he doesn't want to turbo boost, is on board to produce a digital revival for the Warner Bros. owned Machinma channel. Nothing has been announced about the series yet, so we don't know if it'll be a new live-action take or an animated version that could potentially allow original star David Hasselhoff to return to the role that helped kickstart his career, Michael Knight. But it'll be a new take on the story of a former cop left for dead who is recruited by a wealthy man looking to fight crime on his own terms. Given a new face and a fancy, dry-witted talking car, Knight becomes a smooth-talking do-gooder with a penchant for leather jackets and perms. A movie version has been rumored for years and NBC – parent company NBCUniversal is also


CELEBRATE DAVID HASSELHOFF' S BIRTHDAY WITH A KNIGHT RIDER MARATHON BIRTHDAY MARTHON HOSTED BY HASSELHOFF AIRING ALL DAY THIS SUNDAY, JULY 17th 10AM et to 8PM/ET Celebrate the birth of one of TV's greatest legends in his iconic role as Michael Knight. Knight, played by David Hasselhoff, will be crime-fighting the forces of evil with his artificially intelligent supercar KITT in a 10-hour marathon airing on Hasselhoff's birthday, Sunday, June 17th from 10AM ET to 8PM ET on El Rey Network. The marathon will feature all four season premiere double features, including fan favorite episode, "Goliath," in which Hasselhoff also plays Michael Knight's evil twin Garthe. "Knight Rider" also airs on weekday afternoons on El Rey Network. About El Rey Network El Rey Network is a 24-hour English language network founded by maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Curated by Rodriguez and his artistic collective, the network unites "the new mains