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TV Recap: GALAVANT "COMEDY GOLD" By: Suepafly Galavant prepares for the next leg of the journey. Isabella warns of pirates, but he is Galavant and he fears no bandits. It must be all his gorgeous bluster that keeps him safe and his ego inflated. Sid asks about the raisins in the trail mix, and Galavant rants a little about his likes and dislikes of snacks. The trio has certainly grown and they're getting along pretty well. They share pretty much everything except that Isabella and Galavant are kinda attracted to each other, even though Isabella is betraying him,a nd they both ignore Sid a whole lot. The togetherness may be getting to be a little much, especially when there are egos at play, and Galavant has a huge one, stealing the finale and letting the bandits get the drop on them. The jester juggles, as the queen looks for distraction. Richard cannot believe that Madalena is fooling around with him, or rather he can, thinking that its the jester's joke


TV Recap: GALAVANT "TWO BALLS" By: Suepafly Galavant is back tonight for another hour of comedy. This is my favorite new show. The trio: Sid, Galavant and Princess Isabella have been riding for days, and they need to rest. Sid takes them to his home which sounds all good and well, until they ask about Sidneyland. Sid's village thinks of him some sort of Rockstar, and him exaggerating his heroic tales helped to build up his legend. Sid asks them to play along. Isabella is all in, but Galavant isn't so sure he even wants to save Valencia when he hears of their nightly plays. Sid brings them home to meet his adopted parents when he lays another whooper on them, his parents think that Galavant is Sid's squire. Poor Gal. Sid's mother puts him to work chicken plucking immediately. In Valencia, the King tries to cajole the jester into telling some bad jokes. The jester is forced to tell the jokes anyways. Madalena quickly becomes bored. They've had


TV Recap: GALAVANT "JOUST FRIENDS" By: Suepafly The comedy event continues with episode two, which promises more awesome beards, handsome knights, jousting and John Stamos. Can't say there's anything mentioned there that I don't love. Isabella, Galavant and Sid enjoy an easy peaceful ride. It's been all too easy of a journey, but that''s about to change. Galavant stops the group, to investigate and is bombarded by attackers. They are of no match for Galavant, and after defeating them all the beautiful Madalena is declaring him her hero. He must have fallen asleep, because she's not the good guy as we've come to find. He tells her that he was coming to rescue her. He still doesn't understand why she chose King Richard over him. Richard asks him how he can be hero without any pants. Definitely a dream. Madalena and Richard yuk it up, and Galavant screams, like a castrated hyena according to Princess Isabella. Galavant awakens, glad hi


TV Recap: GALAVANT "PILOT" By: Suepafly Galavant is finally here, and I cannot be more excited. The melodies have been like an infectious ear worm, and it looks amazing. Seriously, is it legal to have so many fantastic beards on one show. I think the clear answer is no. Galavant opens up with the song that played thousands of times during Comic Con, and I'm not sad to see it again as the handsome Galavant is introduced along with his lady love, Madalena, whom he loved long and hard. They were deeply in love and as Galavant went to get her a piglet, King Richard took a liking to Madalena, and he stole her. Now, its Madalena's wedding day, and only Galavant can save her as he rushes forward. King Richard checks on his bride to be and makes it clear that once they're married they're going to do it. Madalena doesn't sound the least bit enthusiastic about it, but she doesn't correct him either. On a side note how fantastic is Tim Omundson's be