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Big Bang Theory Guest Star Adds Interesting Twist

Wolowitz Loses A Mother But Gains A Brother Story by David Clark It was announced this week that Matt Bennett has been tagged to play John, Howard Wolowitz’s (Simon Helberg) younger brother. Bennett is perhaps best known for his roles in the movie Bridesmaids and the television series Victorious. This is an interesting direction for the show to go with the Wolowitz storyline. Howard has always been portrayed as a ‘momma’s boy’ and an only child. Using the words attached-at-the-hip would hardly describe the awkward and sometimes inappropriate relationship between Howard and his mother - played by the recently deceased Carol Ann Susi. Other than vague references to an absent father there has never been an indication that Howard has other family in the world - Enter Matt Bennett. In a recent interview showrunner Steve Molaro said, “The passing of Mrs. Wolowitz left the door open to explore more of Howard’s family.” Molaro has also expressed interest in further exp