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Ghosted Trailer Starring Chris Evans & Ana de Armas

Interview With David Cooley. He Talks About His Upcoming Film The Wolves Of Savin Hill

Childhood friends from the streets of Boston drift apart following a shocking discovery deep in the woods of Savin Hill . Years later a tragic murder brings them together again. But for one man, it’s no mistake. A trap has been set… We had a chance to talk to actor  David Cooley  and he takes us on a tour of  The Wolves of Savin Hill . Clearly, the film is an ensemble piece, but you’re front row centre for most of the movie. Do you feel the pressure, knowing you’re such a huge part of the film and a lot of it is riding on your performance and the audience’s acceptance of it? Not while making it no. John and Sean & I talked a lot about who my character was and what his motivations were. I really felt like I knew him. I knew his secrets and his potential violence and his rage. Once we were finished however, well that’s a horse of a different color. NOW, yes I fell it. I am not a big fan of watching my own performance, I tend to be a pretty harsh critic. But also I so