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Hostel: Part III Set In Las Vegas

Hostel: Part III Set In Las Vegas An August shoot is set for Hostel: Part III . As of August 13, 2008, little is known of this film, aside from the fact that it will most likely be a direct-to-DVD release. Scott Spiegel will be directing from a screenplay by Michael Weiss . The interesting turn is that Hostel: Part III will head to Vegas where a bachelor party goes horribly wrong. Could the groom have a price on his head? It was announced that Eli Roth would not be directing Hostel III. Eli went on his Twitter account and said this: Rumor Control: not producing Hostel 3 , but it’s in the VERY capable hands of director Scott Spiegel & producers Mike Fleiss & Chris Briggs. There was a huge demand to continue the series and they are the right team to do it. They’re very smart, creative, and really get it. Stage 6 is the direct to dvd division of Sony Home Entertainment, is responsible for such home video releases as The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Pleas