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Bad Words Review. Fails To Deliver The Knockout Punch

Bad Words Review By: Matt Cummings The spelling bee from Hell comedy Bad Words is mostly fun, but fails to deliver the knockout punch. Actor Jason Bateman has made a fortune playing nice guys who get wrapped up in craziness - his newest release Bad Words sees him move to the director's chair to craft a crass and ugly spelling bee comedy that fails to hold our attention. Guy Tribly (Bateman) starts the movie by telling us "I'm not good at a lot of things, especially thinking things through." An angry 40-something, Guy's been traveling the country appearing at spelling bee competitions to outclass the event's directors via a loophole that allows him to participate. His most-recent victory earns him the wrath of local parents as they chase him to his car. But Guy's on a mission, dragging the online blogger Jenny (Kathryn Hahn) with him, whose site is paying his entrance fees and hotels. While she attempts to figure out his backstory,