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Fox Reality Channel Closing Up Shop

Fox Reality Channel Closing Up Shop I didn't even realize that this channel was still on air, Well I guess not for much longer. Reality shows are still the craze,but looks like the channel just didn't catch on. I must admit I have seen the channel a few times, but it just didn't stick in my favorites. Now if they showed " Top Chef "or " Diners, Dives and Drive Ins " then maybe it would have kept my attention. I am also a reality show whore for anything that has to do with food. Fox Networks Group told staffers Wednesday that the 4-year-old channel will end its run March 31. The network aired a mix of acquired reality repeats such as " Temptation Island " and "Last Comic Standing" and some original reality content like "American Idol Extra." The company has not yet announced what it will do with the channel, which is distributed to 50 million homes. "With the changing cable landscape, we've made a strategic decisio