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DVD Tuesday Information For 2/1/11

It's Another Tuesday, so kids you know what that means. DVD Tuesday . We got all the information on the DVD's that were released today. Let's hope this information help's you to decide what movie to Rent or Buy. Let Me In One of my Top 10 Films of the year! John Ajvide Lindqvist's celebrated vampire novel makes the leap to the big screen once again with the second feature adaptation in so many years (Tomas Alfredson's critically acclaimed 2008 hit Let the Right One In, being the first). The sensitive target of vicious bullying at school, 12-year-old Owen ( Kodi Smit-McPhee ) is a social misfit from a broken home. By day Owen dreams about laying waste to his classroom tormentors; by night his attentions turn to his reclusive neighbors in their austere apartment complex. One evening, as Owen takes out his pent-up aggressions on a tree, his new neighbor Abby ( Chloë Grace Moretz ) appears over his shoulder. A young girl wise beyond her years, Abby just moved

Conviction Trailer Starring Rockwell & Swank

Conviction Trailer Starring Rockwell & Swank Here is the trailer for the upcoming movie " Conviction " The movies stars Sam Rockwell , Hillary Swank , Juliette Lewis , Minnie Driver , and Melissa Leo . It has that Hurricane (Denzel Washinton) feel to it. I am really hoping that this film will gathers some Oscar buzz for Rockwell. Would you go this far for your family? Watch the trailer after the jump.. Conviction is the inspirational true story of a sister’s unwavering devotion to her brother. When Betty Anne Waters’ (two-time Academy® Award winner Hilary Swank ) older brother Kenny ( Sam Rockwell ) is arrested for murder and sentenced to life in 1983, Betty Anne, a Massachusetts wife and mother of two, dedicates her life to overturning the murder conviction. Convinced that her brother is innocent, Betty Anne puts herself through high school, college and, finally, law school in an 18 year quest to free Kenny. With the help of best friend Abra Rice (Academy A