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TV Recap: Vampire Diaries "I’ll Remember"

TV Recap: Vampire Diaries "I’ll Remember" By: Suepafly Four months has gone by since the Other Side broke down and Bonnie and Damon were lost. Mystic Falls is still a supernatural-free area. Everyone is grieving in their own ways, and some worse than others. In Mystic Falls, a couple is free to make out in the woods, and no supernatural thing can get them. They hear something, and the boy sends the girl out to check it out. Way to be the big man. She flips on the lantern and is surprised by Sheriff Forbes. Worse than a serial killer to them, she busts them for underage drinking. They would have been better off staying in their tent. As they walk to the car they cross the line out of Mystic Falls, and something attacks the girl, Jesse, dropping her body onto her boyfriend before attacking him from above. Sophomore Elena has to pick a major, and she’s chosen a medical one. Jo (Jodi O’ Keefe) is her teacher, but its an observatory role for Elena at the moment. The

Will Stephen Amell Play Christian Grey?

Who is going to play Christian Grey ? It looks like Stephen Amell knows a bit more about that than we do. With a film version of E.L. James' sexy best seller " 50 Shades Of Grey " in development at Universal, fan have been spending a lot of time speculating who will star in the steamy drama. And while Emma Watson has been getting just plain ornery about reports she'll be playing Anastasia Steele , another actor has just dropped some pretty serious hints that he's in the running to play the mysterious Christian Grey . Stephen Amell , best known for playing the title role in the TV series " Arrow ," has been getting some buzz as a potential Mr. Grey, and he addressed the rumors in a video he posted on his Facebook page . "I get questions about Christian Grey all the time," Amell said in the video. "That project is a long way off. I know this ... because I had a meeting about it. LONG way off. I mean, not THAT long. But not close.

My Adventures To Spike TV 2009 Scream Awards

Sam Trammell Ian Somerhalder My Adventures To Spike TV 2009 Scream Awards First, I would like to thank Spike TV and Shana Tepper for letting a little guy like me cover the Red Carpet. Now on with my journey. It started bright and early at 4 am in Sacramento, CA. I said good bye to my wife and kids and headed out to pick up my photographer, and accommodating friend, Hammer. We started the long 7 hour journey from Sacramento to Hollywood to cover Spike 2009 Scream Awards. Eliza Dushku When we arrived in LA after our long and boring drive (if you have driven this drive before, you know what I am talking about) we took in some of the sights. A few must stops: Hollywood, Manns Chinese Theater, and of course the Hustler Store on Sunset. They are all a must when in LA. Olivia Munn We then headed out to the Greek The