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Heroes Should It Return For Season 5?

Heroes Should It Return For Season 5? This year the show has lost me and it has lost it core viewers. Never like the whole carnival theme of the show, and Peter being such a baby and Sylar not knowing who is he,Dam Your a cold blooded killer. Who really cares about Claire? We all have issues my dear. Oh, Heroes, it's been nice to know you! Despite talk that NBC is considering bringing Heroes back for a fifth season, it's not looking good! Apparently few people wanted to see Hiro battle his brain tumor, Sylar kiss Claire or Samuel try to woo the woman of his past in Monday's episode, "Pass/Fail," which hit a series low in the ratings. The show's ratings had been dropping gradually since the season premiered last September with about 6 million viewers, and there was a noticeable drop when new episodes began airing this year: under 5 million. But Monday's episode completely tanked and drew in fewer than 4 million viewers. That's a drop of about 2 million

Heroes Season 4 Premiere Review

Heroes Season 4 Premiere Review By April Meneghetti The show opens with a funeral for the brother of the leader of a group of carnies that are going to have a big role this season. The leader is a man named Samuel played by Robert Knepper , who I loved in Prison Break. This guy really knows how to play the bad guy so that you like him, in a sick twisted way. We see our “heroes” scattered, living their own lives. Clare is away at college, Peter is back to working as a paramedic, Hero and Ando are back in Japan , Matt is back at the police dept, and Nathan (or should I say Sylar) is back to work as a politician. Is it just me or is there something off about Clare’s new college buddy? Does she have a power? Did she kill Clare’s new roommate? I guess we will have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, I don’t see Clare having the normal college experience. Peter is back to using his powers for good and saving lives. I have to say that I hated it when he lost his powers. I think