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Dark Matter Premieres On SyFy

Creator Joseph Mallozzi Shares A Few Last Minute Thoughts. Story by David Clark For those who do not know, the SyFy channel has made a commitment on going back to the stars. The days of Firefly , Star Trek , Stargate , and Battlestar Galactica seem like a distant memory and SyFy has decided the space epic drought has gone on long enough. Dark Matter, premiering Friday June 12th at 10/9c is the first of many shows SyFy has planned. Written by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie as an adaptation of their limited run Dark Matter comic book, Dark Matter is their 10 year vision brought to life. Most well known for their years writing and producing the Stargate universe, Mallozzi and Mullie had no idea how long the wait would be for Dark Matter to finally take a place on television programming. Revealed in an exclusive interview with Blastr, their original plan was to transition straight from Stargate into Dark Matter. Quickly they learned pitching a new and unknown int