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'2 Broke Girls' S04E18 Recap: And The Taste Test

It was Max’s the best of Times and it was Caroline’s worst of Times. Story by @ErikaAshley This week episode begins with Max and new dishwasher, Nash, getting down in dirty in the back of the diner. Max is finally enjoying working there now that she gets to bone a co-worker she likes and Caroline questions Max’s attraction to Nash because his Irish accent is so unattractive. Max reassures her that his lucky charms tickle her fancy just fine. Later Sophie arrives at the diner announcing her bridal dress decision. She’ll be wearing her grandmother’s wedding dress but they’ll need to go dress shopping for the bridesmaid’s dresses. Max reluctantly agrees just as Oleg announces that the wedding will be featured in The Times. To Caroline’s horror she’s drug into being a bridesmaid after Sophie’s cousin cops an attitude over the phone with her and she drops her from the bridal party. The next day at The High Caroline suggests to Max that they need to choose a fashionable flatte

2 Broke Girls S04E17 Recap: And The High Hookup

Finally things are looking up thanks to a High hook up. Story by @ErikaAshley The Girls are back at the diner working their third job like usual. Oleg asks them to watch the kitchen while he takes a “break” when the stove catches on fire and The Girls refuse to help put it out. Instead they attempt to make s’mores while Han jumps into action to extinguish the fire. Over at The High Caroline relishes in her new position as Host and they catch Han peeking through the window watching them awkwardly. Joedth arrives and introduces Caroline to Nashit, the new young Irish waiter. Max quickly appears at Caroline’s side to gain an introduction as she’s smitten with Nashit’s accent and boyish good looks. John gets introduced to Nashit and approves of the new addition while Max not so subtly hits on the new hire. Later as Nashit begins to work in the restaurant he does a horrible job waiting on tables but the patron’s don’t seem to mind because of how good he looks. While taking so

2 Broke Girls S04E15 Recap: And The Fat Cat

The girls get catty when their pet Nancy goes missing but finds them a potential business lead. Story by @ErikaAshley This week we find the Caroline at the diner covering for Max, whom shows up late to work when she tries to locate their missing cat, Nancy. Max is upset that Nancy has been missing for several days and fears this might just be the time she never makes it back to their dingy little apartment. Caroline reassures her that Nancy will be home in no time or that someone will call the number on her collar to report her found. Shortly after arriving back at the dinner Max gets a call on her cell from an anonymous caller. Alas Nancy has been found! The girls make it back to their place to meet the hero that located Max’s precious kitty. Caroline gives Max flack about being so worried about the missing cat but hardly flinching at their $10k loan debt and over 1,000 cupcake shirts that they can’t unload. Max assures her that she wakes up at night screaming because of th

2 Broke Girls S04E14 Recap: "And the Cupcake Captives"

This week Max and Caroline find themselves in a captivating cupcake conundrum. Story by @ErikaAshley As the season nears ending, “The Girls” Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) and Max Black (Kat Dennings) enter into their day job at The Williamsburg Diner to find Han, Michael Moy, creating signature drinks that he’s named after each employee. The Girls poke fun at the idea while Han describes each drink and why they are named after the individual. Caroline and Max then retort with jabs at Han’s small stature and lack of sex life like usual. Next up while working in their cupcake shop next door to the diner Caroline sells out of promotional Max’s Homemade Cupcakes t-shirts to which Max fills her in on her most recent and largest order. Caroline chalks up her forgetfulness to planning and coordinator wedding details for their neighbor and friend Sophie’s bridal shower. Caroline jokingly pesters Max on her lack of support and assistance and Max insists she’s not into girly par