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Raze Review: Super Violence Misses the Point

The female throwdown Raze isn't predictable, but its execution is highly suspect. Set in a mix of 70's women's prison action piece and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome , Raze tells the story of 50 kidnapped women who set against each other in a series of one-one-one brawls to the death. At the top of that heap lies the soldier Sabrina (Zoe Bell), whose rap sheet includes escaping a POW camp. She and the other women - including the psychopath Phoebe (Rebecca Marshall) - must kill one another or risk seeing their family die a horrific assassination. The event is organized by a husband and wife team (Doug Jones and Sherilyn Fenn) whose supposedly ancient group has been culling women since forever. As Zoe and Phoebe head towards a violent showdown, a new player enters the field that represents Sabrina's last hope for escape. Director Josh Waller miscasts several leads and gets only B-grade acting from those who stick around. What's more, Waller wastes his best