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Blue Bloods Season 5 - Episode 15 Recap: Power Players

Reagan strikes again! Story By David Clark The latest episode of Blue Bloods starring: Tom Selleck (Frank Reagan), Bridget Moynahan (Erin Reagan), Donnie Wahlberg (Det. Danny Reagan), Will Estes (Officer Jamie Reagan), Vanessa Ray (Officer Eddie Jenko), Marisa Ramirez (Det. Maria Baez), and guest starring Max Adler (Andy Fisher), Frank Liotti (Victor Dano) Dan Hedaya (Vincent Rella) - focuses on a mob investigation involving Erin, Danny, and Maria. Frank Reagan faces an opportunity in exchange for a favor and Jamie Reagan watches his partner struggle with an officer involved shooting. Recap: Commissioner Frank Reagan is approached by Mayor Poole (David Ramsey) to perform a favor involving an arrest made by one of Reagan’s officers. This provides Commissioner Reagan with an opportunity, the New York Police Department has been pushing the Mayor’s office for a budget increase to NYPD retirement pensions. When Poole’s request for a favor falls on deaf ears he attempts to

The Humbling Review: Meandering, Uneven VOD Release

The Humbling is an uneven, meandering affair that proves VOD is more dumping ground than viable alternative. Review by Matt Cummings In Director Barry Levinson's The Humbling , Al Pacino plays Simon Axler, a once famous stage actor who, after literally falling off stage, seeks to evaluate his life before father time takes it from him. He soon meets the daughter of his closest friend (Great Gerwig), a lesbian who's left a trail of pathetic exes in her wake, and the two strike up a relationship. Unfortunately, Simon isn't prepared for the chaos Pegeen will bring, as his dementia forces him to re-evaluate everything he knows. Based on the Phillip Roth novel, The Humbling can't decide if its a stinging satire or skit comedy. It starts off self-assured with several comedic skits that keep our attention, including Nina Ariana, a fellow nuthouse resident who wants to kill her husband for molesting their daughter. But the tide turns when Gerwig enters the pictu