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Television Review: #AloneShow

Not The Typical History Channel Show Review by David Clark History channel is once again distancing themselves from the stigma of being a documentary channel with Alone, the latest in competitive survival reality television. Alone is not simply another Survivor or Naked and Afraid. To win Alone contestants will need an impressive set of survival skills, but they will also need a level of mental fortuity that has never before been seen in a reality competition. Taking place on the remote Vancouver Island wilderness, Alone pits 10 men against nature, each other, and themselves. It is a last man standing style game with a grand prize of five hundred thousand dollars. For many people that has the potential to be a life changing amount of money which explains the sacrifices some of the contestants have made. Many of them have left behind families for an unknown amount of time. That is the other catch. Shows like Survivor have an elimination process that guarantees the