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Tusk: An Open Letter to Kevin Smith

We deliver a message to Director Kevin Smith, and it isn't a hearty pat on the back. Dear Kevin Smith, As a fan of your films - including Dogma , Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back , and Clerks I/II - it's clear that the appreciation for your past work is certainly appropriate. And yet, you've endured a bit of a struggle lately, with many moviegoers unwilling to give you the same credit. I would not be saying anything new by reminding you that Jersey Girl is generally agreed as being one of the worst films ever made. Well sir, after seeing your latest submission Tusk , it's clear that my list needs to be updated: Tusk is not only the worst film of the year, but it could be the worst film of all time. The premise - concocted during one of your Smodcast podcast episodes - of a loudmouth online personality (Justin Long) who is kidnapped and turned into a walrus by psychopath Howard Howe (Michael Parks) is unbelievable to everyone who hears it. And yet this comedy/