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Flash/Arrow Spinoff News: Hawkgirl to Join Hero Team-Up

We learn today who one of the three "mystery" heroes will be. Story by Matt Cummings Those new to the superhero-on-television trend might have forgotten the one that started it all: CW's Smallville , a mix of teenage melodrama in its first 8 seasons, and a fairly good superhero tale in its last two. During those final seasons, we were introduced to the mother of all superhero team-ups, The Justice Society of America, which featured Doctor Fate, elder versions of The Flash and The Green Lantern, and Michael Shanks as the nearly-immortal Hawkman. Hidden within the epic "Absolute Justice" was Hawkman's origin story, featuring the story of his dead love, Hawkgirl. Fast forward one disappointing series finale and two very successful - and frankly better - series in The Flash and Arrow , and we've arrived at a sort of full circle. For it was revealed today by Deadline that one of three "mystery heroes" has been cast in the team-up

Smallville 2 Hour Movie Premiere “Society” and “Legends”

Smallville 2 Hour Movie Premiere “Society” and “Legends” I’ve got some big news for all my Super friends out there. I’m hearing The CW has decided to package Smallville’s upcoming (and highly-anticipated) Justice Society-themed two-parter into a two-hour movie event airing on Jan. 29. The Geoff Johns-penned episodes — titled “Society” and “Legends” and featuring such DC Comics stalwarts as Stargirl ( Britt Irvin ) , Hawkman ( Michael Shanks ) , and Dr. Fate ( Brent Stait ) — were originally designed to air separately. But, according to Smallville insiders, CW execs felt they could get more mileage out of combining them. Please Leave A Comment- Source- EW