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TV Recap: SALEM S02E01: CRY HAVOC Salem had a heck of a first season proving that witches could be downright terrifying on television. It left off last season with Mary completing the Grand Rite. Mercy went off the deep end to protect the innocents, proclaiming herself the Queen of the Night. John learned the truth about Mary, and loved her anyways. He wanted to run off with her, but she left him hanging. Issac foolishly fell prey to the Grand Rite. Cotton killed his own father to save Mary. And Mary was reunited with the child she thought was lost. Season two pricks up with a child sneaking about on the docks. He goes to steal a chicken, and the night watchman gives chase. The man chases the child all the way to Knocker's Hole. He hesitates entering, but hearing banging, he heads inside. He comes to the courtyard, and hears the clucking just on the otherside of a pair of doors leading down. A little girl warns him from entering, Death lies inside. He doesn't heed he

TV Recap: Salem "All Fall Down" (Finale)

TV Recap: Salem "All Fall Down" (Finale) By: Suepafly John Alden just had his world rocked after a kiss from Magic Mary that transported him out of his prison cell and deep into the forest. Now he knows her secret, she’s a witch, and even after her little show her Anneouncement is hard to swallow. She loves him enough to be happy to know he lives somewhere, even if its not with her. But a proclamation like that isn’t one John is going to easily let go of. John kisses her, but this isn’t goodbye. She still has her half of the coin, and his half came back to him. This is their second chance all they have to do is walk away, but she can’t go. John thinks she has a choice. Whatever she has to do, he wonders if it will make her happy, and she isn’t sure anymore. John knows there will be no peace in her heart if she stays, but thinks that they can find it together. Mary agrees to come with him, but she has to do something first. If she doesn’t fix something, terrible things wi

TV Recap: Salem "Ashes, Ashes"

TV Recap: Salem "Ashes, Ashes" By: Suepafly Among the corpses Mercy walks. The vermin eat the flesh, and Mercy has gone off the deep end. She looks at a young child unfit for burial in the cemetary, a mother who died in child birth, and the baby smothered to cover up the sin. She is the mother of all the dead. Her father said that there is no purgatory, but Earth is purgatory. Mary tells her that she is no ghost, she is more alive than any of them, but Increase will not look for her here among the dead. Mercy asks of her girls. Increase has four of them, but the Grand Rite will cleanse the land. Mary assures her that her, her girls and her children will have a place in the land. Mercy asks what is coming, and Mary shows her the apple. Death is coming. Cotton sees the land as rotten due to a rotten apple, the Malleum. It will bring about death on a massive scale, but they know nothing of the ritual that will unleash it. Cotton believes that he has finally put together e

TV Recap: Salem "Cat And Mouse"

TV Recap: Salem "Cat And Mouse" By: Sue Increase pays John a visit. There was a time he wished him to be his own son. John tells him that he knows that he’s not a witch, but Increase doesn’t know him anymore. Increase and Mary walk together. She does not believe him to be a witch, but it is not up to Increase’s thoughts on John’s guilt. It is for the Selectmen to decide, and Mary’s own maid is the one who accused John. Increase wonders if it is Mary’s feelings that cloud her judgment, but she plays coy, saying that she gave up those feelings when she gave her heart to George. Increase is happy to hear this. Mary tells him that it is not her feelings she is concerned about, but Salem’s own. He is loved by the people. Mary suggests that he allow the Selectmen to cast a vote and decide if they should even hold a trial that way he is blameless. She gives her assurances which way they will vote. He is pleased with her plan, planning to call them together immediately. She asks

TV Recap: Salem "Departures"

TV Recap: Salem "Departures" By: Sue Everywhere Increase goes he sees signs of witches. He’s come to see what his son Cotton has accomplished, and he stays for the same reason. Hale isn’t comfortable with him in town, but Mary knows there’s no way to be rid of him yet. Increase asks Mary how George is faring, and promises her to visit him again soon, to raise his spirits. Mary puts on a pleasant front, telling him that George would love it. Cotton and Gloriana are having sweaty naked time, and as it concludes, Gloriana spots his father heading their way. Increase is heading directly for the whore house, and as he ascends the steps there is no time to get out. Gloriana hides Cotton beneath her bed, and he worries over his bible. She looks for it, but Increase and the Selectmen arrive before she spots it. Her quick words makes him leave with little issue, and she even lies that the bible is hers. He feels a comingling of sin and sorcery in the house. He heads in to

TV Recap: Salem "Our Own Private America"

TV Recap: Salem "Our Own Private America" By: Sue Aboard a ship at sea, the rats scurry among the people. A man proclaims that none of the sick passengers will survive, and they will likely not survive either. Papa Mather thinks that they do not need to find the winds, but the witch aboard. Mary brings Rose’s head as a warning to Hale. She wants to know who’s idea it was to turn the puritans’ against themselves. It was Mary. They underestimated her. He asks if she understands what she did. But she points out that the real question is whether he understands what he must do. He does. He drops upon his knee, and vows to obey her power. The hunter’s moon is soon upon them, they need eight more dead. It’s a reachable goal, one that will result in the sacrifice of three. She warns further that if he betrays her again his wife and daughter will pay the price. Anne is told that her father is a spy and presses her mother for more details. Her mother immediately regrets saying

TV Recap: Salem "The Rose and the Briar"

TV Recap: Salem "The Rose and the Briar" By: Sue Cotton’s and John’s plan worked, and they have their witch. Cotton is rather drunk, but he believes that with the planet Saturn’s alignment help they can force the witch to tell the truth. John is less than pleased that his house smells like dog pee, which is what Cotton covered the house in along with some herbs to help the process. The witch taunts them to come downstairs to her, that the darkness is waiting for them. They head downstairs, since Cotton needs to inject his concoction into her veins. John draws near to hold her. She thinks her taunts have brought John closer, but its part of the plan. When he puts his hands on her, she speaks in John’s mother’s voice. Rose tells him that his mother is in hell, that she’s the devil’s favorite whore. John tears himself away, taking the syringe from Cotton and plunges it into Rose. Mercy eats like a queen, stuffing her face with everything that Mary has to offer. Titu