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Will Ferrell Ready To Say "I Do"

Will Ferrell Ready To Say "I Do" Oh, wait. There is this: Word comes from The Hollywood Cog that Ferrell is developing a romantic comedy that sounds similar in tone to an Adam Sandler project, except for one thing: It’s a remake of a little known French film from 2006 called, I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single which starred Charlotte Gainsbourg, who did some dirty naughty things with Willem Dafoe in last year’s Antichrist. The remake is being developed by New Regency and WAM Films, which is headed by Alain Chabat, who specializes in the French-to-English comedy market. He also came up with the original idea for the French version. The American remake, no doubt, will be dumb as rocks, as the logline indicates: It’s about a 40-something year old bachelor (Will Ferrell) whose seven sisters and mom try to force him to get married, prompting him to ask a friend’s sister to leave him at the altar so that everyone will leave him alone. Please Leave A Comment- Source- pajiba