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Tony Gilroy To Direct The Bourne Legacy

Tony Gilroy To Direct The Bourne Legacy Universal Pictures is making a deal with Michael Clayton helmer Tony Gilroy to direct a fourth installment of The Bourne Identity . Gilroy was hired to write the script back in June. This signals that the picture -- tentatively titled The Bourne Legacy -- is on a clear forward track, though it doesn't answer the question of whether Matt Damon will return to reprise his signature character of the amnesiac assassin/agent Jason Bourne. Damon last indicated that he wouldn't come back unless director Paul Greengrass helmed what would have been his third installment, after Greengrass exited the picture in a huff when the studio began developing it while Greengrass and Damon were making Universal's Green Zone. I'm told that Universal plans to make the film, even if it has to replace Damon, who'd be crazy to give up his franchise character and a huge paycheck if the script is any good. There is every reason to think it will be,