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#Frozen #OnceUponATime Season 4 Teaser.

In a new Once Upon a Time season-four teaser exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter , Frozen's Elsa ( Georgina Haig ) passes through the town's landmark hangouts (Mr. Gold's shop, Granny's diner), leaving her chilly mark wherever she goes. Naturally, her unwelcome presence puts everyone — from Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin ( Robert Carlyle ) and Mary Margaret/Snow ( Ginnifer Goodwin ) to David/Charming ( Josh Dallas ) and Captain Hook ( Colin O'Donoghue ) — on edge. Though Elsa's face is never shown, her looming threat is powerful enough to get even Regina/Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) to ready for the coming wrath. Just as the voiceover ominously hints at trouble for Storybrooke, Regina voices her dread, "Here we go again ....." Watch the clip after the Jump... But Emma (Jennifer Morrison), in her signature red leather jacket, has her own thoughts on the new villainess: "Really?" Frozen is getting a major presence on Once in the new seaso


The Time for New Adventures Has Come. ONCE UPON A TIME: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON . Own All 22 Bewitching Episodes and Never-Before-Seen Bonus Content Only on Blu-ray™ & DVD August 19, 2014. Can five heroic characters set aside their personal grudges and private demons to rescue Henry – and themselves – from the ultimate evil? Experience the heart-pounding action and tantalizing suspense of Once Upon a Time: The Complete Third Season. The stakes are higher than ever in a Neverland that’s the stuff of nightmares. At the dark heart of its mystery is Peter Pan, an ageless entity with a diabolical agenda and a chilling secret. For Emma, Henry, Hook, Rumple, Regina, Charming, and Snow, Pan’s actions have far-reaching consequences that will change their lives forever, create new alliances and introduce both Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest to a powerful new villain of legendary wickedness – the Wicked Witch. Add Season 3 to your Once Upon a Time collection and relive all

TV Recap: Once Upon A Time (Finale) There’s No Place Like Home"

TV Recap: Once Upon A Time (Finale) There’s No Place Like Home" By: Sue A little girl receives a Mickey doll, heading off to a new home as other girls solemnly watch her leave, as Emma sadly watches another girl find her home but not her. Now Emma daydreams while her parents hold their new baby. She still doesn’t know the name of her brother, and they haven’t announced it yet. There’s a little ceremony that they plan to uphold. Henry comes in telling her that he’s been looking for an apartment for them and Emma is a little shocked. Emma isn’t ready to commit. She thinks that the Charmings are stalling on the naming of the baby. Robin and Regina celebrate the returning of her heart over some wine beside a fire. He kisses her, and she’s overjoyed. She never thought she would have love again. He admits that he felt the same after the death of his wife, he was the cause of her death. He would have walked though hell to be with Marian again, but he’s let it all go. Regina un

TV Recap: Once Upon A Time "A Curious Thing" By: Sue

TV Recap: Once Upon A Time "A Curious Thing" By: Sue A cloaked rider rides through the forest. Regina isn’t happy that Snow and Charming have gathered the entire kingdom together when there is a wicked witch out there waiting to pounce and she tells them that in front of Aurora and Prince Phillip. David thinks that there is nothing with rallying their people, but Regina finds announcing Snow’s pregnancy to be of little consequence compared to what they’re up against. The rider is Belle, she tells the others that Neil resurrected his father, but she thinks that Neil is dead, telling them that Rumpelstiltskin absorbed him to save him from death and the witch. Zelena got a hold of the dagger. Aurora thinks that maybe Regina is right, but Snow doesn’t want to give into fear. They need to give the people hope, and David points out that they don’t even know what the witch wants, but they do. Aurora and Phillip tell them that Zelena wants Snow’s baby, that she thinks the baby is

TV Recap:Once Upon A Time "Jolly Roger"

TV Recap:Once Upon A Time "Jolly Roger" By: Sue A pair of men carrying the King’s gold are stopped by a knight. The horsemen decided that the gold is not worth the trouble of taking on the knight and his men, and they leave. The knight is Hook, and his men are scarecrows holding arrows. Hook, Smee and the others celebrate the treasures. Smee has gotten Hook a little gift, and he goes off with her, but he doesn’t take advantage. He pays the girl well and lets her go. Someone knocks Hook to the ground, straddling him, it’s Ariel, and she wants revenge on him. David and Emma try to decipher crib instructions. Snow worries about Zelena and Gold, but David and Emma want to keep living life. Regina has cast a protection spell to protect the baby. Emma is tired of being on the defensive side, she wants Regina to teach her how to use magic, and not go half-assed liked before. Emma is ready. The Charmings don’t try to stop her, they even offer to watch Henry. Emma isn’t sure

TV Recap: Once Upon A Time "It’s Not Easy Being Green"

TV Recap: Once Upon A Time "It’s Not Easy Being Green" By: Sue A baby was dropped from a cyclone, and picked by a couple. The woman thought the baby was beautiful, but the man saw that the baby had powers, knowing that the baby was not like them. The wife was insistent, and kept the normal looking baby, taking Zelena to Oz. The people of Storybrook mourn Neil’s passing. They lower his casket into the ground, and there’s heart break all around. Regina looks over at Henry, who still doesn’t know that Neil was his father. Hook watches the dirt fall. Rumple sits in his cage a broken man. One by one they drop the dirt upon Neil grave and turn away, Emma hesitates before doing the same. Rumple fought so hard to come to this world to be with his son, and now he is gone. Zelena asks if it was worth it, every bit of it was. Rumple tells her that he was family, something she knows nothing about. Past, Zelena, still fair skinned, shaves her father. She nicks him with the r

TV Recap: Once Upon A Time "Quiet Minds"

  TV Recap: Once Upon A Time "Quiet Minds" By: Sue Bacon cooks up at Granny’s and the group discusses how Gold could still be around. Hook remembers that Neil was trying to get his family back in the Enchanted Forest. Regina wonders what the hell the witch was cooking up with Gold in her basement. Regina returns to the witch’s cabin to look for clues, and when she finds her she doesn’t plan to pull any punches. Zelena tries to summon the dark one with his dagger, but he’s broken free and he knows too much. She sends a flying monkey to find him. Gold is running through the forest. Belle looks over the golden hay, unable to wrap her around the fact that Rumple is still alive. Emma knows that she knows his store best, and Charming points out that if he is back he will come for her. Hook offers to stay behind with her, because he’s good at research he says. Belle finds the offer odd, but Emma tells her that if the witch comes he will protect her, but Belle tells her that

Remember Me Movie Review By:Windy

Remember Me Movie Review By:Windy Windy has been on a world wind. First stop was in New York for the premiere of the film Remember Me, she was the lucky winner to get a chance to cover the Red Carpet event for Popsugar . Make sure to check out the 3 part series starring Windy herself. In the series they follow her from when she finds out that she was the lucky one picked to cover the event and everything in between to the very final moment when she interviewed Robert Pattinson. You need to make it a point to stop by her site in the upcoming week to get her point of view of the whole experience. Minor spoilers “Remember Me”, directed by Allen Coulter and starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin and Ruby Jerins, is the story of two people who meet, bond and fall in love as they learn about each other’s families’ heartbreaks and tragedies. The majority of the film is set in New York City in 2001. We follow Tyler Hawkins (Pattinson) as he

Win 2 Tickets To "Remember Me" Starring Robert Pattinson

Win 2 Tickets To "Remember Me". All you have to do is comment to this post and leave your Email address in the comment section and on Friday One lucky winner will win 2 free movie tickets to the movie. They will have their choice of theaters to choose from at . Don't forget to leave A Comment and Your Email. Good Luck Tyler Roth (Robert Pattinson), a "rebellious young man" in New York City has a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) since his brother's suicide. Tyler finds happiness after meeting Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin) through "an unusual twist of fate". Their bond helps them mend their lives and relationships with their families. Remember Me in HD Related News- "Remember Me" Starring Robert Pattinson Trailer And Pictures Please Leave A Comment-

"Remember Me" Starring Robert Pattinson Trailer And Pictures

"Remember Me" Starring Robert Pattinson Trailer And Pictures Definitely a change from his roles in the Twilight Sage films and I think that this is a good thing for him not to be stereo typed into the Edward role that made him into a world know Icon at the moment. For him to show that he can act will only be a good thing for his career, this Twilight hype will only last so long. Remember Me in HD Tyler Roth (Robert Pattinson), a "rebellious young man" in New York City has a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) since his brother's suicide. Tyler finds happiness after meeting Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin) through "an unusual twist of fate". Their bond helps them mend their lives and relationships with their families. Please Leave A Comment-