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TV Review: Glow Season 2

Set in '85 LA, GLOW revolves around the adventures of Ruth Wilder ( Alison Brie ), an out-of-work actress who turns to the burgeoning televised female wrestling scene to rescue her career. Ending on a cliffhanger that'd make the World Wrestling Federation organisers proud (someone wins the GLOW crown, someone else steals it from them), this should form the basis of a pretty compelling second season. Zach Reviews- Glow Season 2 Website: Youtube Channel for sandwichjohnfilms: Make sure to follow Zach on Twitter- Youtube- Discuss this with fellow SJF fans on Facebook . On Twitter, follow us at @SandwichJohnFilms Please Leave A Comment-

The Flintstones Are Heading Back To The Big Screen

It’s Yabba Dabba Doo time again. Warner Bros. is hoping to bring The Flintstones back to the big-screen, this time as a full-length animated feature. Chris Henchy -- who is partners with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay in Gary Sanchez Productions and who also co-wrote the script for Warners' Ferrell-Zack Galifianakis comedy The Campaign -- is penning the script. Ferrell and McKay will executive produce Flintstones, which is in development stages. Flintstones was The Simpsons of its day, a primetime cartoon and sitcom that ran from 1960 to 1966 and then entertained millions in the ensuing decades when it aired on syndication. The show was set in the Stone Age and told of the antics of Fred Flintstone, his wife Wilma, his best friend Barney Rubble and Rubble’s wife and Wilma’s best friend, Betty. From the town of Bedrock, Fred worked in a quarry, liked to barbecue brontosaurus burgers and live the modern stone age family life. The show had several short-lived reboots ov

About Last Night Remake

Oh No! Watch out all you 80's movies Remakes are coming after you and you have nowhere to hide. About Last Night your turn maybe up next. EW has learned Screen Gems is considering whether to remake the romantic comedy that starred Rob Lowe and Demi Moore . To be honest I am a fan of this film, couldn't tell you why but I am. Ok enough about me, onto the news. There’s no script at this point, much less a pair of actors who have agreed to fill the roles of a young man and woman who are attempting to date despite their personal issues and disapproving friends. (For your consideration, Screen Gems: We’d like to nominate Mila Kunis and Chris Pine !). But the interest is definitely there to dust off the movie and remake it for today’s audiences, insiders confirm. The original flick was directed by Edward Zwick and based on the 1974 David Mamet play Sexual Perversity in Chicago. It also starred James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins . If you don't remember the movie