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Sicario Sequel Titled "Soldado"

The hazardous world of narcs, the FBI, cartels and the Mexican borders seems an unlikely starting point for a franchise, but then the same might have been said about the Italian mafia in 1970s New York. Whether Sicario does a Godfather and spawns a crime trilogy remains to be seen, but it does have a sequel – Soldado – and, according to Deadline, a director in Suburra’s Stefano Sollima Yet to arrive on these shores, Suburra is a multi-strand Italian thriller replete with corruption, crime and gloss. It’s compelling stuff and, with strong work on the TV adaptation of Gomarra also to his name, marks Sollima out as a natural fit for the terrain. Sicario, of course, married up Emily Blunt’s FBI agent, Josh Brolin ’s shady CIA operative and Benicio Del Toro ’s mysterious Alejandro Gillick in an uncomfortable alliance against a Mexican cartel. Principles, morality and their corrosion in the face of tonnes of guns, money and white powder are likely to figure strongly again as themes