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Mortal Engines Review 'The movie where Mad Max meets Steampunk'

We got a Zach's point of view and now Jennifer is here to give us her review. Jennifer Reviews: Mortal Engines “ Mortal Engines ” is a futuristic look at what the world will become once all of its natural resources have been used. Without the planet being able to provide anything new or of use, humans have resorted to entire cities that move on continuous track, or other sorts of wheels, and survive by consuming and pilfering other cities for their resources and inhabitants. The city of London is one of the largest of these cities that eagerly consumes smaller cities with the elite citizens of London rooting and cheering on the consumption of these smaller cities. The elite citizens of London are reminiscent of the citizens of the Capitol of Panem in “The Hunger Games”. Flawless and impeccable in appearance, but cold of heart and lacking empathy for these smaller cities. The prominent character of “Mortal Engines” is Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar), a young woman with a ghastly


INSURGENT KICKS ASS If you enjoyed the exciting, action-packed adventure of DIVERGENT , get ready for a whole new ride. INSURGENT , simply kicks ass! INSURGENT picks up right where DIVERGENT left off. With Tris ( Shailene Woodley ), Four ( Theo James ), Caleb ( Ansel Elgort ) and Peter ( Miles Teller ), now a part of the Amity faction -- and you know that tranquility and peacefulness cannot last for long -- though Four seems to take to this harmonious lifestyle with ease. But it soon becomes clear that his two Dauntless companions, and one Erudite, do not conform to the Amity faction with the ease that he has. Acclimating to this new life doesn’t last for long as  Jeanine ( Kate Winslet ), and her manipulated army, are out to destroy all Divergents and will go to any length to find and exterminate them. INSURGENT’s action does not stop. From the first scene to the last, this movie provides the roller-coaster of entertainment that any moviegoer dreams of riding. But, if

DOLPHIN TALE 2 Review. The Film Gives Us Hope

DOLPHIN TALE 2 delivers another heart-warming story that the whole family can enjoy. The story continues with everyone’s favorite prosthetic-wearing dolphin, Winter, as big changes come into her life. With the death of her beloved surrogate mother, Panama, Winter takes a turn for the worse as she goes into mourning. With the threat of being transferred to another aquarium, as dolphins cannot survive without another dolphin companion, her care takers at Clearwater Marine Hospital try to come to terms with the threat of her loss. With the 30-day countdown until Winter leaves, a young female dolphin is found and taken to the marine hospital. Since she is so young, she will not be able to be released back into the wild and could, potentially, be the perfect match for Winter. With this possibility she is given the name of Hope. DOLPHIN TALE 2’s most suspenseful scenes are with the interaction of Winter and Hope to see if these two will be able to bond and become friends. Along w